Privacy and Liability
According to Section 5 (1) of the Teleservices Act of 22 July 1997 (TDG), GALL GmbH is responsible under general law for its "own contents" held ready for use. A distinction is to be made between these own contents and cross-references ("links") to content provided by other providers. GALL GmbH is only responsible for this third-party content if we have a positive knowledge of them (i.e. also of unlawful or punishable content), and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of such content (Section 5 (2) TDG. However, "links" are always "live" (dynamic) references. During the initial linking GALL GmbH checked the third-party content to see if said content is culpable of any possible civil or criminal liability. However, according to the German Teleservices Act, GALL GmbH is not obliged to constantly check the content referred to in this offer for changes that could give rise to a new instance of liability. Only if it is stated or pointed out by others that a concrete offer, for which a link has been provided, could cause civil or criminal liability, will the reference to this offer be removed, as far as this is technically possible and reasonable.

Data protection
GALL GmbH is responsible for the content of GALL GmbH's own websites and the data-protection-compliant handling of the data processed during visits to these sites. The following explanations regarding the implementation of the data protection principles and legal provisions apply to all websites for which GALL GmbH is responsible. The websites may receive links to the websites of business partners and other providers for whose content GALL GmbH assumes no liability (see above).

Collection of personal data
In accordance with the principle of data avoidance and data economy, we collect personal information on our website when it is either required for the purpose you have requested and/or when you provide it voluntarily.

Consequently, we collect: information retrieval from GALL GmbH's own websites: no "personal data" but the potentially individual IP address of your computer, the sending of each email to us: and here at least your name, sender email address and your message, and, if provided as voluntary information, further contact addresses (address, telephone number) to which we should respond or via which we can reach you. To improve the usability of our registration tool, the tool processes the following additional data automatically and in a pseudonymised manner: date and time of your access, hardware, software and/or browser type, operating system of your computer, application version and language settings as well as information on clicks and which pages were displayed for how long.

If you personally contact us by email or telephone, we will document that contact in order to further enhance the effectiveness of our operations, focus our business even more on our customers and provide efficient access to product information and applications.

Processing of the personal data of our internet users

The data we collect from you and recorded in HTML pages (e.g. in request forms) is first checked for completeness and plausibility, transferred to GALL GmbH via the public data network, and then stored for the purpose of processing.

Use of the personal data of our internet users

The data collected and processed during an internet session is used by GALL GmbH exclusively for legally permissible purposes. Data security of your data collected via forms on HTML pages for further processing for GALL GmbH will be transferred from your computer to our server. The computers of GALL GmbH are protected by access and login control measures as well as by firewall and access control systems in such a way that no one can access them without authorisation or access your personal data in order to view or at all manipulate them. In addition to these preventive safeguards, all accesses and access attempts are logged. Processing and use of pseudonymised or anonymised data Furthermore, the internet pages you access during a session are stored and evaluated for statistical purposes in anonymous form. We also use this data to improve the user-friendly design of the website and to expand our website.

Disclosure of your data to third parties as part of the fulfilment of this registration tool
Basically, no data will be passed on to third parties.

The data collected will be stored on the servers of GALL GmbH for the duration of the registration period (at most, 30 days after the event).
Thereafter, the data is automatically deleted. This process is checked manually on a regular basis.
If an account has been set up on our website by the user, the data will be stored in encrypted form on the servers of GALL GmbH in order to guarantee the user access to his/her account.

Your privacy rights as a data subject
As a data subject, you have the following rights in relation to GALL GmbH: To be directly informed about the identity of the responsible body, the purpose of the collection, processing and use of data, as well as its possible transmission to third parties. Notification of the first storage of your data without your knowledge: the identity of the responsible body, its nature, and the purpose of the collection.

Processing and use
Information about the data stored about you, its origin and recipients or categories of recipients to whom your data may be disclosed, and the purpose of data storage, Rectification: incorrectly stored data, Blocking: data that is disputed or no longer required but which is subject to retention, Deletion: deletion of data which is no longer required if such data is not subject to retention, Specific objection: objection against the use and transmission of your data for advertising, market and opinion research, General objection: objection against the processing and use of personal data due to conflicting personal circumstances, Revocation at any time of any consent you may have granted: for the processing and use of your data which is not required due to an overriding legal provision, or directly for the execution of an existing contractual relationship.

Data protection officer:
Kai Herzig

René Rautenberg GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 13b
85521 Riemerling (bei München)